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Stenli yarn is the Bulgarian brand of yarns for hand and machine knitting, manufactured by STATEX Ltd.


Stenliyarn is a renowned Bulgarian brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality yarns for both hand and machine knitting.

Founded in 1991 by the Andonov family, the company started as a small workshop for viscose yarns.

Over the years, production gradually developed, expanded and enriched, filling the range of machines, materials, and technologies.

As of 2004, the company's production has been exported to Germany, Hungary, Romania, the Netherlands, Greece, and many other countries, reaching 30 tons of spectacular yarns, made entirely of Bulgarian raw materials.

In 2015, the company opened its Yarn Sweet Shop, which is a technology for making yarn cakes, in which 3-5 main colors of long stretches intertwine seamlessly and playfully. The shop offers a wide range of colors, flexible production, and custom production of yarn series.

Today, Stenliyarn boasts a product catalog of more than 150 types of boutique yarns for hand knitting with a wide range of colors.

The designers of the brand are focused on creating intriguing contemporary yarns that evoke creativity and create pleasure and comfort with artistry, eco-friendly, and responsible thinking. 

                            Stenliyarn uses natural wool, natural cotton, linen, viscose silk (wood pulp), and natural silk as the main raw materials for the production of their yarns. These materials come from authentic folk traditions and color perception and have an advantage of regional origin. Special attention and a sense of responsibility for nature conservation are put into their collection of recycled textile materials such as recycled cotton, wool, and polyester.

For auxiliary materials, lurex, acrylic, polyamide, and polyester are used in minimal quantities. The company has a variety of types and principles of textile machines, including spinning, twisting, fancy machines, circular knitting, bobbin, ball, crochet machines, sequins, ponpon machines, and more. This equipment allows the production of fancy, spectacular yarns with a transversely and horizontally changing structure.

Stenliyarn also offers a series of spectacular industrial yarns for machine knitting. Highly active chemical agents are not used to process the finished yarns, which ensures that the Stenliyarns combine the best natural properties of the textile materials without imitations.

By choosing to knit with Stenliyarn, you are choosing quality, responsibility for the future, and contemporary fashion. The company is committed to providing exceptional products that are eco-friendly and responsibly produced. With Stenliyarn, you can enjoy your knitting while knowing that you are making a positive impact on the environment.


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