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Wash in plenty of cold (+25 - +30°C) water.

Use diluted detergent without any bleach.
Brush in the direction of the stripes.
Rinse thoroughly.
Remove excess water with a squeegee or other suitable accessory.
Do not twist or fold.
Dry as quickly as possible in a well ventilated space. Lay flat to dry or hang the product so that the water drains in the direction of the stripes.
Avoid direct sunlight and areas with a high temperature.
If the circumstances are not suitable, we recommend the use of a dry cleaner. Remember to inform the cleaner that the product is made from dyed material.
Linen yarns
Wash linen textiles separate from other laundry.
Fill only half of the washing machine capacity.
Choose a washing programme with a slow washing rhythm and high water level (this way less fuzz comes off).
Check the washing machine’s fuzz strainer or sieve before and after the wash. Choose detergent according to water temperature.
Bleached linen: 85°C, cotton detergent.
Natural coloured or coloured linen: 60°C, colour detergent.
Coloured linen: 40°C, gentle/fine wash detergent.
Wash linen with intense colours separately the first 10 times. Wash by hand or at 40°C in a washing machine.
Remove stains when they are still fresh.
Use only a short spin – in a washing machine 30 – 40 seconds, in a spin dryer 10 – 20 seconds.
Do not tumble dry. After-treatment immediately after the spin (see below).
Roll up towels and other small sized textiles manually one by one or straighten them out on an even surface while they are still damp. Fold big linen textiles. Straighten suits.
Roll up damask table cloths or press them using a mangle.
Iron thin fabrics.
Wool yarns
Hand wash at 30°C with neutral detergent.
Do not soak. Do not wring or twist the product.
Wool products, especially knitwear, should be dried horizontally and shaped into original size.
Wool does not need to be washed frequently. Don't assume you need to wash a wool sweater just because you have worn it several times. It is usually sufficient just to ventilate the garment.


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